Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More Holiday Planner

This Holiday Gift List makes it very easy to remember what you have gotten and what else is on your list to get.  I loved it that an envelope for receipts was also included in the book(in case you forget to include the slips with the gift incase they need to be exchanged)-very handy!
Love this saying "The best Christmas Gift of all is the presence of a Happy Family all wrapped up with one another"  How true that is.
                                                                             This is the front of the Holiday Planner.  It's put together with jump rings and embellished with pieces of ribbon that's left from doing the book.  Can't wait to do more and to do a class in this.  Happy Stamping!


Raquelle Clifton said...

Love your planner!

Hey, I'm you're newest follower! Come and follow me when you get a chance!

Stampin From The Nest
Happy Stampin!

Barbara Phillips said...

I will- have check out your blob and really like it. Glad you like the planner.

Barbara Phillips said...

blog- sorry for the typo

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