Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another week coming up.

This was the front of the little book I made for Blythe Klipple.  She always done a fantastic job organizing the SUDSOL swaps and this year was GREAT. There were 6 groups of 45 or so swappers.  Just wanted to give her a litle something.
I've been having some problem with the pictures I have downloaded and will have to see if I can figure out what is happening so this is the only one that I can show you at this time.  Must be those pesky" computer gremlins" again.  In the meantime, Happy Stamping!
Re downloaded my pictures and whola- got it to work. I'm not exactly sure what happened the first time but glad it is resolved.  This is the inside of the little book.  I used whisper white cardstock for the "Notes" page and then cut regular copy paper for 10 pages.  More to follow. . . hope you will check back.  Happy Stamping!


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