Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Spring" is here

Found this in our carport-  Quail eggs-  the "mama" quail laid them in a coffee can that had "nuts & bolts" in it.  We didn't realize that they were quail eggs till we spotted the mama quail sitting on them.  Did some research to find out how long before they "hatch" and was told that it takes 21 days.  Also was told to "fix" the nest by carefully taking out the eggs and placing them on a soft cloth while we dumped out the bolts and replaced them with dirt and sand and placed the eggs back in and tilted the container.  We did that and placed the can back where it was.  We were afraid that the "chicks" wouldn't be able to get out of the can if it was up right.  Will keep you posted on when the chicks hatch.  We just had a couple of dove's hatch  and at first thought that the eggs might be doves but  figured it out when we spotted the mama quail.  Check back tomorrow for some cards.  Keep Stamping!


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